EWS websites don’t use DNS and don't need webservers.

EWS websites are not location-based and don't have paths such as URLs. EWS websites eliminate DNS security threats, key management and certificate problems. EWS websites prevent web scraping, IDOR attacks, ransomware and IP theft. No VPN, peer-to-peer or blockchain network used. EWS websites are vastly more powerful and efficient than older technology.

EWS breaks the domain name monopoly. Use any domain names you want.

No ICANN registration or renewal, no recurring charges or annual fees. EWS websites prevent typosquatting, combosquatting, SEO hacks and other threats to your reputation. EWS websites protect visitors from corrupt servers, phishing and misdirection. EWS websites can use Unicode in the domain name (e.g., 😋mmgood 🍕pizza.whatever-name-you-want).

EWS websites are impervious to all penetration methods and tools.

EWS websites provide unparalleled privacy and security unaffected by future advances in computing power, including quantum computers. Eliminate threat feeds and layers of complex, expensive protection services. EWS websites are unaffected by a corrupt X.509 certificate chain of trust. No encryption key management or extra hardware.