Emergent File Systems

Store files in an abstract realm.

Store Files In Oblique Space

Oblique Drive is a new technology that establishes entire file systems in Oblique Space, where information is stored as abstractions. Files stored in Oblique Space are emergent and do not have separately identifiable paths. A file system in Oblique Space is built from generic blocks of data that do not contain information from files. The organization of files is resolved only from information that is itself stored in Oblique Space.

Oblique Drive does not store your files on the computer or on a device. Your files are never sent across the Internet or otherwise exposed to service providers. Oblique Drive protects your files even on compromised networks. Oblique Drive can deliver hybrid cloud storage or a multi-cloud federation with a single file system independent of underlying systems.

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Eliminate Encryption Keys and Passwords

Oblique Drive does not create assets of increasing value or kick the can down the road by imposing responsibility for safe-keeping on other parts of the system. Each file is stored in its own space and accessible only through the file system. This protects files from undetected lateral movement which often leads to cascading losses.

Because information security is inherent in the way that Oblique Drive works, it is undiminished by familiar weaknesses such as the quality of random numbers or the strength of passwords. Encryption key management is eliminated. Oblique Drive does not rely on unproven assumptions about the difficulty of breaking into a system. Full knowledge of technology does not weaken protection.

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