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Store Files In Oblique Space

Oblique Drive can deliver portable hybrid cloud storage or a multi-cloud federation with a single file system independent of underlying systems. No management console, no backend integration, no special drivers to install.

Oblique Drive uses existing resources to establish a file system in Oblique Space, a space where information can be stored with no physical location.

Oblique Drive does not store your files on the computer or on a device. Your files are never sent across the Internet or otherwise exposed to service providers. Oblique Drive protects your files even on compromised networks.

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Eliminate Encryption Keys, Passwords

Information Theoretic Security, Eliminates Encryption Key Management.

Oblique Drive is not vulnerable to catastrophic failure the way that encrypted files are vulnerable to key theft, nor cloud storage to the compromise of a single password.

Files stored in Oblique Space are not ciphertext and cannot be “decrypted,” even with unlimited computing power.

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FREE Basic Resolver

Unlike files stored on a disk drive, files stored in Oblique Space do not have physical paths and cannot otherwise be proven to even exist. Basic Resolver communicates with our micro-USB device and displays your Oblique Space alongside local disk space. Move files from one to the other. Copy and paste, rename and delete files and folders in Oblique Space just like disk space.

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