• A statistical comparison is provided here for informational purposes only.
  • Block ciphers (e.g., AES) are deterministic, and encode plaintext into ciphertext.
  • There is a one-to-one relationship between plaintext and its corresponding ciphertext.
  • Because of this relationship, statistical analysis of ciphertext is an important first step.
  • Other cryptanalysis techniques analyze plaintext and ciphertext taken together, as a pair.
  • Emergent File System processes are nondeterministic and do not encode plaintext.
  • The relationship between plaintext and data aspects is probabilistic.
  • Linear and differential cryptanalysis cannot be applied to data aspects.
  • Because data aspects are not ciphertext, other techniques must be used.
  • It is necessary but insufficient, for a cryptographic system protecting information to resist breakage.
  • Whether a particular output corresponds to a certain plaintext must also remain indeterminable.
  • Circumvention of a cryptographic design must also be prevented.

Statistical Comparison

File: "enwik9" 1,000,000,000 bytes

AES Ciphertext

AES-NI (HW accelerated) 256-bit, CBC mode, QRNG sourced key and IV.

Entropy: 7.9999998 bits

EFS Data Aspect

Entropy: 7.9999989 bits

Mutual Information: 0.0000376