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Oblique Drive Does Not:

  • Use blockchain technology.
  • Use ciphers, in whole or in part.
  • Depend on key management systems.
  • Create or use keys, or split keys into shares.
  • Use secret sharing or any type of threshold scheme.
  • Wrap or bundle files inside of other encrypted containers.
  • Store parts of your files in different places, encrypted or otherwise.
  • Use one-time pads or otherwise combine your files with random data.
  • Conceal files inside hidden volumes using unformatted disk partitions or virtual containers.
  • Use steganography or other information hiding techniques such as masking or tokenization.
  • Encrypt your files then divide them into shards, or first divide your files into shards then encrypt each one.
  • Depend on secret algorithms or multiple layers of encryption - full knowledge of technology does not weaken protection.